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Who's Henry J Bell?

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Henry's  Story

Henry J. Bell's journey in the sports industry has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by visionary ideas and groundbreaking achievements. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Henry began his path as a promising college football recruit and played for Purdue University. But his impact on the sports world extended far beyond his playing days.


In the year 2000, Henry co-founded B2G Sports, a premier grassroots sports marketing company. This venture would go on to reshape the landscape of football camps. Henry's brainchild, The B2G Elite Camp, marked the beginning of invitation-only football camps, featuring the top 65 skilled players from California. Eventually, the Elite Camp would grow to include the 100 top players in the nation. This groundbreaking approach caught the attention of Nike, leading to the birth of the Instinct Training program, which became the epicenter of high school football's off-season training in California.


As the years passed, B2G's influence spread like wildfire, thanks to their signature event, the A-Game 7on7 competition, which went viral on YouTube in 2006. This event ultimately paved the way for "club" high school 7on7 competitions nationwide. B2G's impact on the sports community inspired the launch of similar invitation-only camps, attesting to the trailblazing nature of Henry's ideas.


In 2010, Henry's vision led him to form a partnership with Adidas, becoming their first flagship grassroots football program and elevating Adidas's brand presence in American football.


Despite facing initial skepticism, B2G's camp model proved its worth, leading to a surge in Invitation-Only Camps modeled after B2G. Today, Henry's influence and marketing strategies are deeply woven into high school football camps, off-season training, 7on7 clubs, tournaments, and brand partnerships across the nation.


Henry's journey is now immortalized in his book, The Game Plan, where he shares personal setbacks, triumphs, and invaluable insights to guide college recruits in all sports. The book emphasizes the importance of academic achievement, off-season training, community involvement, and building personal brands in the era of NIL.


Henry J. Bell is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a sought-after speaker. His wealth of experience in the sports industry, coupled with his inspiring story of perseverance, resilience, and success, makes him an excellent choice for audiences seeking insights into leadership, brand building, and marketing in the sports world.


From his insider knowledge and perspective as a former college recruit to providing a roadmap for college recruitment and succeeding in the evolving NIL marketplace, Henry's guidance continues to empower student-athletes and sports enthusiasts alike to achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential in the world of college sports.

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